Hello, I am Hiromi. Welcome to KOBO H.

  Born in Shizuoka, Japan, famous for Mt. Fuji and green tea. Except the very hot humid summer, pretty mild climate which creates the easy going the Shizuoka temperament – Go with the flow. 

  I was a kid who loved creating things with yarns, fabrics and threads. I rather read books at home or visiting my neighbor who thought me how to hand sew than playing outside with other kids. I was a very introvert kid. A kid likes staying inside after school was not a good thing back then. Being a regular kid was tough for me.

 I wanted to go to an art school after high school. All adults around me told to me that it wouldn’t be a good idea, wouldn’t pay my bills when I graduated. I went to a junior college, learned English Literature instead. 

  Much later, around 1996, a thought from college started surfacing – I want to go to a school in US. No boyfriend to hold me there and my core of the middle class parents didn’t need my help – financially and physically. I thought, my time has come. I checked my bank account and figured attending a community college for 2 years would be doable. YES!

  I started looking for a school, preparing for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), my student visa and more. Then I moved to Bellevue, Washington in 1999 to attend Bellevue Community College, now Bellevue College to learn Web design. 

  One of my big surprises after I moved to US was that people  admired and appreciated Japanese art and culture more than any Japanese I knew including me. I went to the Internet to see what I had been missing. It was…, beautiful. Things made by hands, carried across generations. Then here I am, still love creating things by my hands. Probably even more. 

 Now I live in Snoqualmie Valley – a small community in Pacific Northwest.

  I designed my first website, KOBOH.com in 2008. It has been lots of changes and pauses. And now, my hope is to share a sense of connection as a creative community with many happy faces.

Thanks for being here with me, very much appreciate it.